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About Me

Hi it's me, Jan. What I do - I'm an Interaction & User Experience Designer.
I've collected a lot experience over the last years in this field while studying Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences HfG (Hochschule fuer Gestaltung) Schwaebisch Gmuend working for Mercedes-Benz, AKKA Technologies and other big international companies. All the stuff you'll find here on this website is originated in the time at the university. I'm a fan of a clear, simple and useable design. This website should show what design is and how awesome it is. Each and every one of us see it all day - Devices, Advertisung etc. But only a few think about it. I want you make thinking about it.

More About Me

I like to work in teams out of specialists. For every project you will find in my portfolio I used some Design Methods – e.g. Personas, User Stories, Use Cases and Flowcharts. These methods are the best way to reach the perfect result. With every method you change your opinion about the topic and find another better way. My specialty is UI and UX.

Featured Video

Interactive Quadcopter Simulation


  • HTML 5

    I already made a few websites with the current HTML 5,
    for example this portfolio conforms the latest features of it.

  • CSS3

    CSS3 is an awesome tool, a lot of things you have made
    with other stuff before are now possible only with CSS 3.

  • Processing

    Processing was the first Syntax I learn a University.
    It's awesome for designing with code.
    It's very easy to sketch some simple stuff with it.
    Besides it's the best tool to interact with Arduino for building prototypes.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    It contains all the stuff what a designer needs.
    You know it.

  • Sketch 3.0

    Bohemian Sketch is my favourite tool for simple vektor-sketching and wireframing.
    It brings most off the Illustrator-tools but it's more clean and optimized for Mac.

  • Unity

    Unity is an awesome playground, you are able to import every kind of data
    and build cool prototypes. Especially for Oculus Rift.

  • Cinema 4D

    Cinema 4D is the best tool to build up renderings in a very short time.
    I made a lot of stuff with it - you'll find here on my Website.

  • Arduino

    Arduino is helpful for quick prototyping.
    I made a few projects with it, e.g. the Dive:In or the DJ Bot you'll find in my portfolio.

  • Balsamiq

    Nice tool to make wireframes
    I take it for the most of my application projects.

  • Framer JS

    Awesome tool to get smart prototypes by code.

  • Sourcetree

    If you work in a team it's perfect to merge your work. Perfect to use github.

My Latest Works


Application Design – 6th Semester


UsabilityLab – 6th Semester

Firefox – Redesign

Firefox Workshop – 6th Semester

Mygro – Urban Gardening

Invention Design – 4th Semester

AMG Interface

Application for the internship semester

DJ Bot

Mechatronic Workshop – 4th Semester


Hackathon Stuttgart Germany 2014 – Best Design Award


3rd Semester


3rd Semester

Interactive Quadcopter Silmulation

2nd Semester

Mercedes Unimog Interface

2nd Semester


2nd Semester

Interactive Pollencalender

2nd Semester