Bachelor Thesis - gtfsedtr

iOS application for More transparency in public transport

Bachelor thesis about the transparency in public transport

The gtfsedtr is a new possibility to collect GTFS data with your smartphone.Timetables in GTFS format allow app developers to easily integrate the data into their maps, travel planners or other smartphone apps. The GTFS editor makes it possible to quickly and easily create GTFS files. The app offers various features both for entering the data and for displaying the information. The RouteRecorder enables the user to record the route during a trip with the public transport service, which means that entire traffic routes can be recorded as quickly as possible. With the AddStop function, the user can manually enter stops and the corresponding means of transport. After an entry has been created, it can be displayed and edited via the StopInfo on the map of the app. With each entry, the user receives points, which he can collect and thus ascends ranks and unlock awards. A community allows you to exchange information with other users, form interest groups and see what is happening in your immediate environment via the logfile. With the help of the application, the user can easily digitize the timetables available at stops. Once he has the right timetable at hand, he does not need another source to enter all the data in the smartphone application gtfsedtr. The generated data will then be made available to all users of the application. They are displayed in the StopInfo and can be downloaded from an online platform as an API for development purposes, for example. The app can be used to create a global standard for traffic information in GTFS format.

The project was developed in cooperation with moovel. Also have a look at their page about the gtfsedtr.


more transparency for everyone – everywhere.

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