Urban Cultivator

MYGRO – The Urban Cultivator

The Mygro urban cultivator growbox brings the allotment in your flat. It allows people living in big cities without a garden to plant their own 100% organic salad, micro greens and herbs year-round. With the integrated water tank and circulating system it saves up to 98% of the regular water consumption. Its modular and dirt-free setup makes it easy to clean. It combines future design and sustainability. Mygro uses standardized dimensions which make it easy to install it where you want in your flat. The hyper modules use an aeroponic system to provide the plants with water and nutrition. The nozzle is the joint between hyper module and rack. The pads are the solution for a dirt-free planting and harvesting. They replace the traditional soil. The color code of the pads stands for different kind of plants. Besides this Mygro is able to scan the colored pads and automatically adjusts the best sustenance in each module. The mobile Mygro app allows it to remotely change your system settings. You can add or remove different light spectrums, change the watering amount, water temperature and control the air quality. All without making your hands dirty. It also makes it possible to watch your plants grow while you are not at home through the installed live cam. Quite different from planting in gardens the regulated and isolated environment inside Mygro is the perfect place to grow your plants without any vermin.